HOT off the ZAP WIRE...

11/8/99 ~ Dennis Green had his exclusive web-only interview after the Monday Night Football game against Dallas. This was the first time any coach has done such an event. See a copy of it at

~ Aromapharmacy -- fast on the therapeutic candle wagon, and a fine ZAP client -- was published in USA TODAY. Hot stars and fans alike are getting a good whiff of AP Rx, so order yo glow now. Be sure to order your fix today.

7/24/99 ~ Dennis Green, Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, came to ZAP with a problem: When he opens the paper on Monday Morning after a game, only half of what he said was printed. He wants fans to get the truth straight from the Coach himself. The ZAP solution? Stream a feed from the coach on his web site -- his own broadcast center where the media can't mingle. Look for the grand launch of just in time for pre-season practice. And keep in tune throughout the season for the main word from the main man. Go Vikes!

5/1/99 ~ Computers Etc. of Minnesota got a new ecommerce site thanks to ZAP. Check out their site at

2/18/99 ~ ZAP has been awarded logo design, advertising and web development responsibilities for Promed-LLC.

2/1/99 ~ ZAP is proud to announce the launch of the Fine Line Music Cafe Web Site. Check it out at

12/16/98 ~ ZAP buys new office space for expansion. Look for a work-in-progress link in late-1999.

12/15/98 ~ ZAP launches Phase II of the Embedded Technologies Web Site. Check it out.

12/01/98 ~ AGC Media, a fine ZAP client, merged with United Learning in Chicago, IL, and awarded ZAP the new combined web site project. Check it out at

7/15/98 ~ John G. Kinnard launched their site. Graphic design by yours truly, ZAP. Check it out.

9/15/97 ~ ZAP wins a gold pushpin in the local Minneapolis show for Bravo Burrito print ad.